About Me


Hello, my name is Adam Ward, creator of this website! I was born in Sheffield, England in 1997 and moved to St. Catharines, Canada in 2008. Been a fan of movies for as long as I can remember!

Graduated from Film Studies at Niagara College in 2017 and worked on a handful of commercials, short films and documentaries during my time there. Won an award for Best Art Direction in a Third Year film for a period piece (1970s) horror film. I’ve had a YouTube channel (mufffinz97) since 2010 where I posted (really bad, we were only young!) short films that I made with my friends. Since then, it has developed into a PlayStation unboxing/collection page, with various other gaming videos scattered throughout. 


During your visit, you may find various reviews (FILM FRIDAY’S) from random movies that I felt like reviewing, or more recent up to date films. If a special occasion comes up like Christmas, or Halloween for example, expect some reviews related to that holiday. You’ll be able to find some news here and also some Top 5 or Top 10 lists (TOP TUESDAY’S)! My goal for this website is for you to have as much fun browsing and reading it, than I did making it!