Top 5 Films of 2017


It’s been the New Year of 2018 for some time now, so I thought I’d share my Top 5 Films of 2017!

1. Baby Driver – It’s been 5 years since ‘The World’s End’ and Edgar Wright’s latest was definitely worth the wait as he’s done it again! Very cool action scenes where the music is in sync with what’s happening on screen. This is how you do a car chase, just let the camera linger on shots to show off some very cool practical stunt work, especially in the beginning scene with the Subaru WRX escaping the cops.

Subaru WRX escaping the cops

2. Stephen King’s IT – One of my most anticipated films of 2017 sure delivered. There’s a couple of standout Pennywise moments that had me on the edge of my seat (Storm drain, projector, and refrigerator anyone?). The beginning is almost the exact same as the book (dialogue and actions) and the kid cast is really good and quite funny as well! You’ll float too!!

Pennywise looking creepy as ever

3. Get Out – Jordan Peele’s directorial debut is amazing. Mixing racial/social commentary into a horror/satirical comedy was a risky move, but it paid off. A very ambitious project from one that is usually in comedy skits, even the opening shot is almost one long shot! Performances are great as well.

Chris getting hypnotized

4. The Disaster Artist – Another directorial debut (James Franco). The performances are great in this one and it’s a very fun and funny film. James Franco clearly has love for ‘The Room’ and he makes a movie that respects it for what it is. There’s something special just before the credits as well, I do recommend you see The Room before watching this, even though it’s painful to sit through.

Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) on the set of his movie The Room

5. Logan – The wolverine movie we’ve all been waiting for. Brutal violence and strong language. It’s shot really well and Hugh Jackman is great in his final performance (or is it) as Wolverine. Patrick Stewart is great as well! Also, that poor family that tries to help him, my jaw hung open during that entire scene.

Not a shot from the movie, but still incredibly cool!

*Honorable mentions: Annabelle: Creation (great watch with friends, had a lot of fun) and Rakka, a short film by OATS Studios (we get a glimpse of what Neil Blomkamp’s Alien 5 would’ve been like)

And that’s it folks!! I only did a Top 5 because I still have some to watch from this year!! (John Wick 2, The Shape of Water, Blade Runner 2049, A Ghost Story, The Big Sick, Lady Bird just to name a few!).