Black Panther Review


It’s been 10 years since the first Iron Man and now Marvel Studios is now on it’s eighteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and that movie is called Black Panther. Set after the events of Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa aka Black Panther, returns to his home of Wakanda, a technically advanced nation in Africa which is hidden from the rest of the world. He returns to take the throne and take his rightful place as King. Continue reading “Black Panther Review”

Shaun of the Dead Review


This review may contain minor spoilers, but Shaun of the Dead has been out for almost 14 years now! Whoa. Coincidence that I’m doing a review for Valentine’s Day which is on the FOURTEENTH of February?? Actually, yes it is!! Valentine’s Day is coming up and I thought to myself, what better movie to review than Shaun of the Dead? A romantic comedy…with zombies! For those of you who know me, you know how this review is going to go and what rating I’m going to give it, and for those who don’t, please enjoy reading what I think of the absolute classic, Shaun of the Dead. Continue reading “Shaun of the Dead Review”

The Cloverfield Paradox Review


The Cloverfield films have had great marketing. The first (just named Cloverfield) had a teaser trailer before the Transformers movie back in 2007, which showed handheld footage of a party that comes to a halt when the party goers hear a monstrous roar coming from the streets of New York City, followed by explosions, followed by The Statue of Liberty’s head flying across the street smashing everything in it’s way and that was that. 10 Cloverfield Lane was announced with a mysterious trailer and release date just three months before the actual release date. Now, we have The Cloverfield Paradox, the third movie in the SciFi anthology series. After being in development for quite a few years (since 2012), filmed under the name ‘God Particle’, and being delayed a couple times, and then being announced it will be coming onto Netlfix sometime in February it surprised us with a trailer for the Super Bowl LII with a release date for the same night (Feb 4th), so I just had to review this one and give you a surprise review, keeping with the trend of Cloverfield. So, was it worth the wait? Continue reading “The Cloverfield Paradox Review”

The Florida Project Review


As soon as the summer Blockbusters are starting to slow down, September rolls around and it’s time for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) where lots of great, little films premiere (or are shown) that are sometimes even better than those in the summer season. One of these great films is called The Florida Project which follows young Moonee played by the brilliant Brooklyn Prince and her rebellious friends that seek out mischief and adventure in their living space at The Magic Castle, a budget motel on the strip leading to Disney World in Kissimmee, Florida. Continue reading “The Florida Project Review”

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Review


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a sequel, or is it a reboot (I’m already confused) that follows a group of young teenagers who find a video game called Jumanji while in detention. Due to how boring and tedious detention is, they boot up Jumanji and begin to pick avatars in the game, then get sucked into the game and from there the adventure continues. Play inside Jumanji, escape bad guys, return precious jewel to statue and wipe away a curse. Nothing we haven’t seen before! But… Continue reading “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Review”

IT Review

I first saw the original IT when I was about 11 and thought the first half an hour (that’s all I could bear to watch) was just about the scariest thing I’d ever seen. Skip forward about 6 years and I watched it again with a few friends and we decided that it really didn’t age all that well. Ever since the idea that a remake was in the works, I’ve been onboard because we can finally get a newer version of the classic Stephen King story. IT (2017) still follows the same group of kids that call themselves The Losers Club, who live in the town of Derry, which gets terrorized by a shapeshifting demon every 27 years. The entity known as IT lures children in and then uses their fears to make them scared because kids taste so much better that way! Tastyyy fear…Only this film just focuses on the Losers Club as kids, which is already a plus in my books because it gives the movie enough time to fully flesh out these characters and make you care for them with a run time of over two hours! (The original was three, with both stories!) Which means Part 2 (focusing on The Losers Club as adults) will have room to breathe and to show even more from the 1000+ page book. Continue reading “IT Review”

Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver follows the story of a young man who goes by the name Baby (above), who got into an accident as a young kid and developed Tinnitus (a ringing in the ear). So, in order to drown it out, he constantly listens to music, even when on the job. He’s a driver for Doc (Kevin Spacey) and helps criminals get away from stealing money, and his music makes him the best driver there is! Continue reading “Baby Driver Review”

Top 5 Films of 2017


It’s been the New Year of 2018 for some time now, so I thought I’d share my Top 5 Films of 2017!

1. Baby Driver – It’s been 5 years since ‘The World’s End’ and Edgar Wright’s latest was definitely worth the wait as he’s done it again! Very cool action scenes where the music is in sync with what’s happening on screen. This is how you do a car chase, just let the camera linger on shots to show off some very cool practical stunt work, especially in the beginning scene with the Subaru WRX escaping the cops.

Subaru WRX escaping the cops

Continue reading “Top 5 Films of 2017”